DEV 401 – Developer Quiz 5

The quiz can be taken at DEV 401 – Developer Quiz 5

  1. Identify the Visualforce tags that will iterate over a set of data. (Select all that apply.)
  2. In an model-view-controller paradigm, which objects are part of the View? (Select all that apply.)
  3. What Action methods do standard Visualforce controllers contain? (Select all that apply.)
  4. What should be used to reference general information about the current user and your organization on a Visualforce page?
    Global Variables
  5. Which of the following statements are true about Visualforce Page Templates? (Select all that apply.)
    -can maintain an overall structure for a page
    -components are accessible by entering the website address: name)
    -can be reused in within multiple pages
  6. When does it become necessary to know Apex when creating Visualforce pages?
    -Customizing navigation
    -Incorporating Business logic
  7. What advantage does a Static Resource have over the Document folders? (Select all that apply.)
    -the resources can be accessed with by name using the $Resource global variable
    -A collection of related files can be stored together in a zip
    -Static Resources data is cached more effectively than Document
  8. What are the tags that allow a page to preform AJAX actions? (Select all that apply.)
  9. Which of the following statements are true about Visualforce tags? (Select all that apply.)
    -Every start tag must have an end tag or be a self contained tag.
    -Visualforce tags can be intermixed with standard HTML tags.
    -Tags in a hierarchy must be closed in the reverse order in which they were opened.
    -Visualforce tags begin with “apex:”
  10. When going to, the Visualforce editor is not accessible at the bottom of the page. How would you enable this ability?
    Check the Development Mode checkbox for the User
  11. What types of code can be included in Visualforce pages? (Select all that apply.)
    Visualforce tags
    HTML and CSS expressions
  12. What type of methods can a Visualforce controller contain? (Select all that apply.)
  13. How are custom objects referenced through relationships with other objects? (Select all that apply.)
    -use dot notation
    -use the “__r” suffix
  14. Where do Visualforce pages execute?
    On the Salesforce servers
  15. Which of the following statements are true about Visualforce Components? (Select all that apply.)
    -component descriptions are displayed in the application’s component reference dialog
    -attributes that can be passed in to a component
    -can be reused in within multiple pages
  16. What tag will display both the label and default widget for a single field?

Salesforce Certification DEV 401 #2

Take note on the Question and Answer. Refer to Salesforce Certification DEV 401 #2

  1. The Status field cannot be updated by approval processes ?True
  2. Hover Layouts are based on the _______ ?Mini Page Layout
  3. How many Asset records can be imported via Import Wizard ?
    Asset Records cannot be imported via Import Wizard
  4. Which of the following is not allowed ?
    Master (Custom object) and Detail (Standard object)
  5. Formatting of report is maintained when it is exported via Export Details ?False
  6. How many Big Deal Alert can be activated for an opportunity in an Organization ?1
  7. Only Customer Portals can be used for self-registration in Sites?True
  8. Field level access settings inherited from the associated page layout can be changed on the mini page layout itself ?
  9. Can a user create their own Tab Style while creating the Custom Tabs ?Yes
  10. What is the difference between 15 and 18 Digit Id’s ?
    15 Digit Id is Case Sensitive where as 18 Digit Id is Case Insensitive
  11. Custom Lookup Field can be created between Account and Opportunity ?Yes
  12. Which of the following objects cannot be imported via the Import Wizard ?Cases
  13. RSS Feeds are supported on the Sites ?True
  14. Standard fields can be made as External Id Fields ?No
  15. processes any rules in the following order : 1. Validation rules 2. Assignment rules 3. Auto-response rules 4. Workflow rules (with immediate actions) 5. Escalation rules
  16. Is it possible in to Stop the Roll Up of Role Hierarchy for Custom Objects ?Yes
  17. Is it possible to set the System Fields like Created date to any Date during the Initial Load ?
    Yes, A Case needs to be raised with
  18. What should be done in Field Level security Setting to make a Field Read only to all the Profiles ?
    Enable Visible and Enable Read-Only.
  19. Due to which reasons analytical snapshot fails ?
    A. Running user is inactive
    B. Report has been changed to Matrix report
    C. Source report has been deleted
  20. Custom Tabs are part of ______ in (Model – View – Controller) Relationship ?View
  21. If a field is required in the page layout and read only in the field-level security settings then what will happen ?
    The field-level security overrides the page layout and the field will be read only for the user.
  22. How many Big Deal Alert can be activated for an opportunity in an Organization ?1
  23. First 3 Char of 15 Digit Id’s identify the ?Object
  24. Invited Coworkers on Chatter, which do not have a license can not do :
    See your data or records
  25. If you schedule a report to run on the 31st day of every month, then the report runs on
    Last Day of those Months which have 31 Days
  26. Sharing Rules are used to
    Extend the Access to users in Public Groups
  27. Is it possible in to Stop the Roll Up of Role Hierarchy for Standard Objects ?No
  28. Ids can not be identified from which of the following standard ways :From Formula Fields
  29. Enabling Visualforce development mode provides you with :
    A. The ability to define new Visualforce pages just by entering a unique URL
    B. A special development footer on every Visualforce page
    C. Error messages that include more detailed stack traces than what standard users receive
  30. If the Time Zone field on your Organization is IST and the Time Zone field on your user record is set to Pacific Standard Time (PST), and you schedule a report to run every day at 2:00 PM then
    The report runs every day at between 2:00 PM and 2:29 PM PST
  31. You cannot define mini page layouts for
    Close Case Layout
  32. Mini page layouts inherit record type and profile associations, related lists, fields, and field access settings from their associated page layout?True
  33. You can grant “Read” and “Create” permissions on all standard objects in sites except
    A.Ideas B. Price books C. Products
  34. Report charts are included in emailed reports.False
  35. Which one the following Boolean function is not used in the advanced filter conditions in Reporting ?
    A. AND B. All three are Used(Correct) C. OR D. NOT
  36. What is the difference between “View All Data” and “View All” permission available on Profile ?
    The “View All Data” permissions override sharing settings for all objects in the organization, while the object permissions “View All” override sharing settings for the named object.
  37. Which Feature in allows managers to see the Data of their Sub-ordinates ?
    Role Hierarchy
  38. Person accounts count against both account and contact storage because the API considers each person account to consist of one account as well as one contact.True
  39. Can an opportunity that already triggered a Big Deal Alert and then fell below the threshold can trigger a second Big Deal Alert if it crosses that threshold again.
  40. recommends setting the sharing to private for the objects on which you grant “Read” access for your site ?True
  41. Which is the first step when creating a report ?
    Select object on which report needs to be generated
  42. What should be the Advanced filter Conditions to meet the requirement “Find all the opportunities over $1 million that are closing in the next 60 days as well as opportunities over $5 million that are closing in the next 120 days ? 1) Amount greater than 1000000 2) Close Date equals Next 60 Days 3) Amount greater than 5000000 4) Close Date equals Next 120 Days
    (1 AND 2) OR (3 AND 4)
  43. On the Candidate object, there is a hover on candidate experience which shows some information. User wants to add additional information in that page. What needs to be done ?
    User has to change a Mini page layout
  44. Divisions do not restrict users’ access to data and are not meant for security purposes.True

Salesforce Certification DEV 401 #1

The quiz that I took.I rewrite the question and correct answer for my reference later.First time I only score 53/100.

Refer to Salesforce Certification DEV 401 #1

  1. Which of the following can not be translated via Translation Workbench ?Report Name
  2. What can not be done with the profiles ?Give access to records by modifying the record types
  3. What happens when a parent record is deleted in the Parent Child model having a Lookup Relationship between Parent – Child Objects ?Child records are not deleted
  4. How do you enable the multi Currency Feature in ?Enable it by raising a case with
  5. How many Dynamic Dashboards are allowed for an Organization ?3
  6. Which feature is used to Report on Historical Data ?Analytical Snapshot
  7. Which of the following is not the Return Type for Formula Fields ?Radio Button
  8. Which of the following represents controller in Model – View – Controller Model ?Apex Classes
  9. A user has Read only Access to the account, will he be able to attach the File in the Attachment related list on a record ?No
  10. Which of the following can be done by the Pagelayout Editor ?Make a Field Read-Only and Make a Field Mandatory.
  11. Which of the following is not allowed ?Master (Custom object) and Detail (Standard object)
  12. For a Contact object, All users should be able to see all the fields except User Y who should not be able to see Mobile No. Field. This functionality will be achieved by ?Field Level Security
  13. To deploy a piece of code from sandbox to Production, What percentage of test coverage is necessary ?75
  14. How the formula will look like if you want to calculate the date/time difference b/w created date ?Now() – created date
  15. For dynamic dashboards, Running user can be set as the logged-in user ?True
  16. When you delete an analytic snapshot, the source report and target object are also deleted ?False
  17. How many different Master – Detail relationships can exist on the detail object side ?2
  18. Dynamic Dashboards can have a Scheduled Refresh ?False
  19. Which of the following is related to View layer in MVC Model ?Visual force Pages
  20. Which of the following is not a correct statement ?Tags can be enabled by enabling Tags permission for the Profiles
  21. Can Dashboard Components be retrieved from Recycle Bin on deletion ?No
  22. Which function records the database operations, system processes, and errors that occur when executing a transaction or while running unit tests ?Debug Log
  23. Encrypted fields are editable regardless of whether the user has the “View Encrypted Data” permission.True
  24. How many external Id’s are allowed on an object ?3
  25. What happens when 2 records have same external Id during an Upsert operation ?Error is reported
  26. Folders are used in to store ?Reports, Dashboards, Documents and Email templates
  27. Roll-up summary and formula fields are always read only on detail pages and not available on edit pages ?True
  28. Can Data Loader be run through the Command Line ?Yes
  29. Custom objects in sites have which kind of permission ?Read, Create, Edit and Delete
  30. The Size Limit of Attachments in SFDC is ?5mb
  31. After creating a custom report type, can the user change the Primary object associated with that Report Type ?No
  32. Default values can be set on the Dependent Picklist Fields ?False
  33. Dated Exchange Rates are not used for ? Forecasting
  34. Standard fiscal years can start on the first day of any month of the year ?True
  35. Standard reports parameters (Available Fields, Criteria, time Frame) be changed and saved in the same Standard Report ?False
  36. Which of the following can not be done via Workflow ?Create an event.
  37. How can you create Many to Many relationship in ?Use a junction Object
  38. Roll Up Summary fields work in which kind of relationship ?Master – Detail Relationship
  39. Which functionality is NOT available on the Custom Object ?Assignment Rules
  40. What happens to the Secondary Relationship when the Primary Relationship is deleted in the Junction Object ?
    Secondary Relationship becomes Primary Automatically
  41. A corresponding list view is also automatically created, When a queue is created in
  42. Which of the following is not true regarding Custom Summary Formula fields ?Summary formula can reference another summary formula
  43. Which of the following can not be a Dependent Picklist ?Checkbox
  44. Which functionality cannot be achieved by final rejection action in an Approval Process ?Delete the Record
  45. Do the Access granted to reports by the Folders roll up via the role Hierarchy ?No

Salesforce DEV 401 Mock Exam 1

Quiz source from  Salesforce DEV 401 Mock Exam 1

Total 20 questions but I managed to take note on 18.

  1. Which kinds of custom component can be added to home page?Image/Logo ,Links and HTML Area
  2. Task custom fields are created by using App Setup -> Customize -> Activities -> Activity Custom Fields
  3. ‘Links’ custom components can be in Narrow (Left) Column
  4. We can assign home page layout to profile. True
  5. Which record name will be used in list view, view/edit form?Record name changed by ‘App Setup -> Customize’
  6. ‘Links’ custom component contains custom links which is created by ‘App Setup -> Customize -> Home -> Custom Links’.True
  7. ‘HTML Area’ custom components can be in Narrow (Left) Column and Wide (Right) Column
  8. Can we change URL of the context-specific Help links on any page (one for all)?True
  9. ‘Image/Logo’ custom component contains multiple images and text.True
  10. ‘Custom links’ standard component contains up to how many bookmarks?15
  11. We can change column kind of ‘HTML Area’ custom component.False
  12. ‘Home Page Default’ layout is editable.False
  13. Task custom field are same as event custom field.True
  14. Event custom fields are created by using App Setup -> Customize -> Activities -> Activity Custom Fields
  15. ‘Image/Logo’ custom components can be in Narrow (Left) Column
  16. We can only change help text of task standard fields.True
  17. Custom links have behaviors
    Display in existing window with sidebar
    -Execute JavaScript
    -Display in existing window without sidebar or header
    -Display in new window
    -Display in existing window without sidebar
  18. We can only change help text of event standard fields.True


SFDC Release Summer 15 >> Critical Updates

Got two releases that going to blow my mind soon which are:

PageReference getContent() and getContentAsPDF() Methods Behave as Callouts

This critical update changes the way calls made to the PageReference methods getContent() and getContentAsPDF() are treated and improves the semantics of the transaction for the calling page.
A PageReference is a reference to an instantiation of a Visualforce page. The getContent() and getContentAsPDF() instance methods return the content of a rendered page as HTML and PDF, respectively. With this update, calls made to these methods behave as callouts, and the calls are tracked against the limits of the calling transaction.

Great.Mean it bind with HttpCallOut limitation.One of my code was working perfectly before then when I do testing it bump into this exception.

System.CalloutException: You have uncommitted work pending. Please commit or rollback before calling out.

It happens because I got DML before use getContent().So if the application use a lot of PDF , Blob etc you may want to test it.

Serve Static Resources from the Visualforce Domain

This critical update changes the way that your static resources, such as images, JavaScript, and CSS files, are served from Salesforce. To avoid broken references to static resources, make sure that you review our recommended best practices.

Prior to this release, some static resources, such as images and CSS files, were loaded from the Salesforce Domain. With this update, all static resources are loaded from the Visualforce Domain. Changing the origin domain can cause absolute references to static resources to break.

It’s a best practice to reference static resources by using the $Resource global variable and the URLFOR() function instead of static strings. For example:

<apex:includeScript value="{!$Resource.MyJavascriptFile}"/>

<apex:image url="{!URLFOR($Resource.TestZip, 'images/Bluehills.jpg')}" width="50" height="50"/>

These references are safe to use regardless of your organization’s settings.

These are Critical Updates that related to me.For more info please refer to Summer’15 Release Note >> Critical Updates

Hello World >> To post code in

Just trying to  post my apex code in WP

1)Using Gist.
Just copy the Gist URL into your WP post.Done.Look nice , but if you delete your file in Gist,the code in post also will be gone which I less prefer.Maybe will use it if I decide not to delete my file in Gist.

2) Using code based on Posting source code.
Because this is from SyntaxHighlighter,it offered quite sophisticated features,but unfortunately I found it not able to remove the scroll bar.It got some solutions but only apply for only.But it nice, maybe for longer and complex code I can use this.

public Map<Id,MyAgenda__c>  getAgendaMap(){
        agendaMap = new Map<Id,MyAgenda__c>([SELECT Id FROM MyAgenda__c WHERE Id=: this.stdController.getId() ORDER BY Date__c DESC]);
        return agendaMap;

It look nice for simple and shorter code.

public Map<Id,MyAgenda__c>  getAgendaMap(){
        agendaMap = new Map<Id,MyAgenda__c>([SELECT Id FROM MyAgenda__c WHERE Id=: this.stdController.getId() ORDER BY Date__c DESC]);
        return agendaMap;

So for free WP user, what tool do you use to post your code?Just note that I am Salesforce developer,so I code with Apex.